How well does caramel sauce hold?

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I want to make these miniature chocolate cakes with caramel sauce and macadamia nuts on top of them. I remember caramel sauce basically being like sugar and getting hard fairly quickly. I'm worried that if I drizzle the sauce on the cakes, the sauce will basically make the cakes inedible by the time I get them to where they need to be...roughly an hour away. Any an all help would be appreciated.
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Caramel sauce is generally made by cooking sugar to a caramel color, then adding cream.  Butter and vanilla are optional.  This type of sauce holds fine for many hours, even days.  The amount of cream vs. sugar will determine how firm it is, but the fat will keep it from hardening.
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I agree with  Jelly 100%. Also  go to the store pick up a jar or bottle of caramel topping or sauce (which last ages) and read the ingredients. You will be amazed
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