How was mother's day for everyone?

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I am a shell of a human today.
No show staff, multiple parties on Saturday erasing prep time for us. Insane customers.
But we did it and we did it well.

How was your mother's day?
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My legs are marshmallows today. Only 93 guests, but it was the hard way. Inexperienced staff, fussy customers, and long wait times.

Sitting in the sun enjoying a beer and trying to forget my legs......
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It got ugly for a bit but we had our biggest Sunday to date.  The night was utterly dead which was strange.  Well, maybe not so strange since we must have served every person in town that morning.
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Took some stuff to the boat locker so we don't have such a huge amt to haul down on June 1st.

Spent time at the beach feeding the gulls and playing with the hermit crabs.

It is going to be an awesome summer for mimi and the namesake.


Took some flowers to the cemetery and was appalled at how dirty my mom's stone was.

I always carry 409 and paper towels so sent the fisherman for a scrub brush.

Only took 5 min and mom had a nice clean face.


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I'm lucky that at the place I work at we don't do huge numbers and we don't do mother's day brunch (or any brunch for that matter). It is a nice boon for my job lol. So basically it was a normal day of work for me. 

Oops wrong picture. This is the one with the chocolste sculpture and everything had to fit under a 20" window, and omly 8 feet of space for 9 different deserts. Maybe next year.....
Looks great...I'm sure lots of work went into them. 
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We had a great mothers day. 9 hours of service added a lot of prep for the line. My only complaint is a new saute chef thinking his name is on the sign. Standardized recipes are a must like it or not.
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