How was Easter for everyone?

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Mine really sucked.  We did about half the sales I was expecting.  We had a big snowstorm yesterday and that didn't help, nor did it help that Easter came so early this year.  Really a lot of time between Easter & MD this time.  It went very smoothly but I'd have liked to do a few thousand bucks more.

How did it go for everyone else?
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Sorry to hear about the flow of business. My Easter was calm with dinner prepared and served at my inlaws, all I did was bring a couple bottles of wine.
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Well Friday sucked.... 

The restaurant had nobody, just the cooks chatting. Basically we were getting paid to just stand around and do prep. Thank god we did though...

Saturday the lunch rush was chaos, so many people, so many complex dishes, so many clients all at the same time. Pretty difficult when we only have 3 cooks in the kitchen (1 chef, 1 line cook, and one line cook/pastry). 

Sunday (today) was nice. I thought is was gonna be really shitty since this was gonna be the first easter i had spent with my mother after 5 years. 

But it was nice, had a BBQ with some of my stepdads family and friends, people i have known for a while. I got to show off my kitchen skills, got to swim in a pool, got to eat meat, drink, the sun was nice, lots of chatting very nice easter indeed.

I guess best part about easter in Brazil is the weather :p
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We thought we may be down a little at the bakery since that TV guy Buddy Velastro, or the cake guy or something opened up last week in the same center that we've been in for 20+ years (short walk away). He had gotten a lot of press this past week. But just like when the Sprinkles Cupcakes Lady opened in the same center two yrs. ago, , we ended up 20+% over last year. We're blessed to have a nice clientele, we never open on Sundays so they all came Saturday to pick up and take the trouble to store until Sunday.

  Today was nice. Some great Smoked Bar B Que, Shiner Bock, lively egg hunt, a bit chilly to swim, but that didn't stop all the kiddo's. Monday, green and purple egg salad.:>)
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Hahaha!  Am I the only chef on the forum that had to work Easter?  My, the times they are a changin'!
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I was off! 

I work at a small high end property so the owners closed for it. I usually work Sunday so it was a nice treat. 
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I took the day off because my girl had family in from out of town; my chef covered for me because she's awesome!
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Busiest easter we've had in 17 years. I am fried today.

Between the prep, lack of dishwashers and slow as hell kitchen crew we just barely got it done, but we got it done.

The rest of the week before easter was slow.
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It went very smoothly for me, but I'm still getting used to the smaller town business.  At my last job I'd have done $10,000-$15,000 on Easter.  This town is about 3% the population as my hometown (yeah, 1/30th the size give or take) so there's not as big a population pool to serve. Still, we do okay.  I'm really frustrated though that we wound up so short of my projection.  It sucks to put the work into a really special brunch to have it just do average sales.
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We did around 300 through our brunch buffet, which is a fair increase from last year.  It went smooth since we are finally assembling a staff for banquet work beyond just me.  It was a good time and nothing beats the post brunch nap.

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