How to use a pan/skillet?

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    Ive been learning to cook but ive been hearing that using butter on pan/skillet is bad why is it bad? 
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    It's not automatically bad, but the butter solids will burn at fairly low temperature. You'll hear about buffering this by adding an oil as well to raise the burning point, but it doesn't really work that way. The butter solids still burn at that same temp.

    Whether you should use butter depends on what you're cooking, how high a temp you're going to cook it at and so on.

    So for something cooking gently like eggs, butter is a good choice and adds flavor. I'll often use butter when I'm making hash browns or home fries where the potato will keep cover the pan bottom and moderate the temps the butter reaches. In the case of the potatoes, you have to be careful with the initial heating that you don't scorch the butter when you melt it before adding the potatoes. The butter solids contribute to the browning on the surface of the potato in this case as well. Sometimes I start with a little oil in the pan, then add butter after I add the potatoes if I think the pan got too hot for the butter first.

    Something that won't cover the whole pan and will cook at higher temps, butter is not as good of a choice.
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    Its not only not bad at all. It's a fundamental ingredient in French cooking and other cooking schools. Remember also there's clarified butter, very easy to make, with much less solids and higher point of smoke.

    Source: wikipedia:

    Butter smoke point:



    Clarified butter (Ghee) smoke point:


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