How to start my cake bussines?

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I need help please...

I intend to open a cake decorating bussines from my home, but reading all the negativity the become it seems like it won't be worth the risk. So I went to speak to restaurant owner in my area NJ about renting their kitchen for a few hours a week. She agreed. We are going to work out the time, so we won't interfiere with our work.

Now I have questions:

I won't be selling my items from any countertop, everything will be by orders either by phone or person.

. I will register my business with LLC.

Do I need tax id #?

Do I have to charge taxes when selling my item?

How do i pay taxes?  Those anybody know for a small business (2,000 - 7,000 profit in a year like how much taxes do i have to pay?

Do I have to get my own liablity insurance?

How can i call my business if im using other person business?


Can I advertise my business now that i have a commercial kitchen?

Please help.


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Most of the answers to those questions depends on the state you live in.  I work for the Comptrollers Office for the state I live in, and in our state, certain things re: the selling/baking of cakes are taxable (are you selling it by the slice, or whole cakes only, etc).  The first thing you might want to do is contact your state's comptroller/controller's office.  Not sure about the insurance portion of your question, though.  Try and contact your Secretary of State's office, and see if there is some info they might be able to provide.

I have a small cake business, myself, although I'm still working on getting my name out there (word of mouth really does help).  I was thinking about starting to bake out of a commercial kitchen, too.  Regardless of where you are baking your cakes, though, it is still YOUR business.  You're merely renting space, which is part of any business.
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