How to squeeze everything out of solid stock stuff

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Hi all :)

I am wondering when you make stock, what the best method is to get every last bit of liquid out of the solid stuff.


That ^ is just some of it. I take the stock pot, pour it through a strainer (large bowl is underneath to catch the liquid) and the solid stuff that is caught, rests in that strainer. I then take a large slotted spoon, and squeeze, in an attempt to get al of the liquid out. But is this the best way to do this? First, it is time consuming, secondly, I imagine that with each batch I make, I am weakening the strainer with all of the pressure I am putting on it, and feel that it will eventually give. If there is a better way, kindly share :) How do they do this in restaurants?

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That's how it's done in restaurants. Except the strainer is usually a punched stainless steel type, so more durable than the mesh kind you're using. Anyway, don't try to get every last drop out or you'll end up with cloudy stock from all the pureed bits of stuff that got pushed through.


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I agree with the advice to be careful about how much you "squeeze" the solids to get every last bit of stock as it will make your stock cloudy. Besides, with just gentle pressure you will get most of the liquid out. That little bit remaining really isn't that much. But, if you don't mind a cloudy stock then I would do a double strain. First, strain in a heavy colander where you will do your "squeezing" then strain again through your fine strainer. That will catch the rest of the bigger stuff that went through the colander. Sure, it is bit more time consuming, but will save the wear and tear on your strainer. It's up to you as to whether that extra time is worth the extra bit of liquid you will get out of your solids.
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[QUOTE="Pat Pat, post: 568891 don't try to get every last drop out or you'll end up with cloudy stock from all the pureed bits of stuff that got pushed through.[/QUOTE]

Oh, wow - I did not know that. Thanks for the replies! :)
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Would it be possible to line the strainer with a cheese cloth and then twist and squeeze the cheesecloth to remove as much liquid as possible? I've never tried it myself.
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Not worth the extra effort for minimal the gain you get. Just let it drain well in the colander. Strain through your fine mesh strainer after to remove the fine particles or not.
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i use the cheesecloth to hold all herbs that are not finely chopped. let cool enough to get bones out, then i use an immersion blender until all lumps are gone. not sure if i end up with stock or puree.
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