how to slice a hard-boiled egg

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Can someone please tell me the best, easiest, most elegant and non-destructive way to slice an egg for deviled eggs? And what type of knife to use (serrated?)?

Thanks, mimi2
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I use a paring knife with a thin blade, but I cut the egg as I would an avocado. Everything comes out clean.


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I never really have a problem when it comes to cut eggs for deviled eggs. The whites usually present no problem to cutting. Usually it is the yolk that sticks or breaks up, but since you are making deviled eggs that really doesn't matter since you mix up the yolk anyway. Cutting beautiful halves and quarters for other uses though can present a problem. Make sure you use a thin bladed knife, and stay away from serrated knives as that will tend to rip the yolk up. Dental floss works great, as Peachcreek mentioned, and if you have to do a lot of slicing (as cheesy as this sounds) one of those old-fashioned egg slicers works great (you know the one, where the egg rests in a cradle and a handle with 7 or 8 wires cut the egg.
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I've used one of those cake slicers that looks like a cheese slicer minus the little roller. Works great. But I'd think the dental floss would be great, too- just don't use the minty stuff! :suprise:
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The thinner the knife the better (meaning from the top part you look down onto to the cutting edge) .Try rubbing a touch of oil on the blade. The dental floss really does work beautifully, and works for cutting cakes for layering as well.

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I say use a sea bass with a frickin lasers on it's head!

-Having an Austin Powers moment....
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Another tip - if you want your egg yolks to be centered in the eggs - shake the dickens out of them for 20 or 30 seconds before hard cooking them.

Worked at a buffet and the chef was rather particular about the yolks not being way off center, lowest guy on the totem-pole always got this job.

They looked like a complete loonie while going through a couple of flats before service.
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I just shake my chickens the night before and hard boil in the morning to center the yolks... Sorry, not that funny
And I thought that the younger guys looked like complete loonies shaking their way through a couple of flats of eggs!  

Just imagine what shaking 60 chickens would make one look like!

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Buy a few egg slicers. Cheap ones. Buy new wire at the hardware store and re-wire each to desired thicknesses. For the deviled eggg just have one in the middle and one on each end to cut a straight bottom. Perfection with ease.
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No such thing as a hard boiled egg. Its hard cooked and really should not be vigerously boiled. then cool and cut with wire egg slicer
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