How to sharpen a benriner mandoline blade

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Hi there folks after 5 years owing a benriner mandoline i now decided is time to sharpen it. I have a couple of japonesedamascus knives and i have already learned some knowledge on sharpening this knives, i even have a rail for the 15 degree angle. The mandoline blade doesnt look like the knifes one seens it has a angle on one side and kind of flat on the other.Basicaly any link to a video or so? All advices are very welcome. Cheers in advance
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It's probably cheaper to buy a whole new mandolin than the replacement blades, btw. My coarse blades are all but shot. Can't sharpen those. Flat blades go for around $10 -15.

There are a lot of very smart bladeheads here. Have some patience; someone will chime in. My humble advice : 

I let the blade angle guide me and do it by hand on water stones. I have a jewel magnifier, and inspect the blades insuring a flat even surface. 

Don't forget about removing burr on the opposite side. 

Good Luck!!
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Wow yours lasted 5 years? I found it pretty dull out of the box and sharpened mine immediately. 1000, 2000 grit stones is as far as I went
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Cheers for the advise. Liked the ideia of the magnifieng jewel glasses maybe something worth considering on investing any links on those could you sent me?
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Ehehe with the knowledge i have now i must agree with you, but some years ago i fond that very sharp... Also some of the worts cuts i got in my life were thanx to this piece. Thats why i invested on a kevlar food glove.
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Sure everyone uses magnifiers of some kind, and mostly cheap ones too.  And nowadays I think just $40 buys you a decent magnifier you can plug into your computer.

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