How to Save My Chili?

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Hi Chefs,

Yesterday I made a 3x batch of my usual vegetarian chili. The problem is, I didn't adjust the seasoning properly (including salt) so the dish is underwhelming. Unfortunately I ran out of time and couldn't fix it while cooking, so had to cool it and throw it in the walk-in overnight. I haven't gone to work yet so I haven't tasted it today, but there's a chance that it may taste decent. If it tastes weak, what can I do to remedy this already cooled down big batch of chili? My end goal is to vacuum seal portions, freeze, and give to friends.

There are a couple different things I was thinking I could add in (Frank's, soy sauce, salt, red wine vinegar, chili powder) to improve the taste, but I'm wondering how to do this to an already cooled dish? Do I need to heat up the whole batch to make these corrections? Or can I bloom the chili powder in some oil, add some cold chili to blend it in, then stir that into the cold big batch? Can I just stir some soy sauce and Frank's into the cold batch? Thank you Chefs, your advice is much appreciated!
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So I just sorted it out. As I was vacuum sealing them for friends, I weighed 20 portions into bowls. Then on top of each I sprinkled some salt, added a splash or two of Frank's and a squirt of soy sauce then gave each bowl a quick stir. I then heated a bowl in a small pot and gave it a taste and it was more satisfying!
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I was about to say: weigh out 100g and heat, add salt until perfect, weigh again. Multiply by total weight and stir in. Same with any other ingredients.
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What was it missing? Salt? Heat? Flavor? I would've reheated the whole thing and added bouillon, dried mushrooms, soy sauce, a rind of parmesan, or any combination of those to kick up the umami.
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Well you already figured it out but my two cents would have been to just season it cold. Heat is going to tamper down those flavors anyways, and if you are vacuum sealing and freezing they are going to have to re-heat and re-season anyways.
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