How to salvage pastry?

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I thought I was ahead of the game making my pie crusts the day before Thanksgiving only to find out on Tday that my dough was too brittle and crumbly to hold together.  I had to make new pie crusts from scratch.  They turned out fine.  But now I am left with 4 discs of dough that I don't know how to salvage beyond flattening out as best I can and making shortbread.
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You CAN salvage the dough by allowing it to warm up on the counter then remixing it with a small amount of water.

Having said that, I WILL tell you that this will affect the finished product.

The over mixing MAY result in a chewy not flaky crust.
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That's what I'm afraid of. I would really like to be able to turn this into biscuit dough. How would I do that?
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What about rugelach, or hamantash?  They're pretty straight forward so not a lot of over mixing needed.


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You should be fine making your dough ahead of time I think you probably just need to leave it out at room temp for a while to warm up properly. One suggestion for the left over dough is we would roll it out sprinkle it with cinnamon, sugar then roll it and slice the rolls and bake them. They were a nice treat for the kids and everyone seemed to enjoy them.Nothing fancy of course just a way to use up the dough.

@chefpeon  any tips for making pie dough in advance?


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Thanks for tagging me Nicko! Making pie dough in advance is all I ever do because keeping the dough cold and not over handling it is really the most important thing.

When you make the dough ahead of time and chill it, you can't really use it straight out of the fridge because it's rock hard at that point. If you attempt to roll it out it WILL seem crumbly and dry. Pull the dough out and leave it out for about 15 minutes. THEN roll it. It could be that's all that the OP needs to do to "salvage" the dough. I would recommend against warming the dough and remixing, you'll just create new problems that way.
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Thanks for the input. I did not let it rest outside the fridge so that's probably what the problem was. If that's the case the dough is fine and I will put it in the freezer for future use. Thanks!

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