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I started a roux today for Gumbo, so far so good, right color no burning.    But, I seemed to run out of time and had to leave.  In a bowl it went.   Can I finish it tomorrow and then bring it to the correct color ?   Right now its at the chocolate milk stage and i know it needs to go further.  If i continue tomorrow, get it to the right color and then add the trinity I may end up with an okay Gumbo?


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The only issue that I see, that could be a problem, is that since the roux has cooled it will probably be pretty stiff and that could lead to scorching the bottom of it.  Make sure to start over low, low heat, or I might even start by warming it in the microwave to loosen it up.
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toss it in a pyrex measuring cup and nuke it. Since it will be room temp or cold the first cycle might be 1 -2 minutes to get it hot again. Then cycle your microwave on high for 45secs, stir well, 45sec, stir well, 30 secs, 20 secs etc until you get the dark chocolate w. red tint. I quit doing this on the stovetop years ago, the microwave is quicker, and lets me use my pan to brown my trinity seperately. Then I add the roux and continue.

Dark rouxs for light meats, light rouxs for dark meats, except for an etouffe, when light rouxs are more common, but it's up to you.
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also, you don't have to remove it from the microwave instantly to stir, depending on how long you nuked it. You have to get a feel for it. Glass holds in the heat well so it will continue to cook just sitting their in the glass cup. It's like doing it on the stovetop, if you necver stop stirring it takes longer to brown. You have to let it set for a few sec's then stir, and repeat. It will depend on your microwave, the size of the pyrex cup, the time you nuke it, quantity in the cup, etc. Hope this helps - good luck
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