how to prepare pasta in a small kitchen

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I am planning to add pasta dish for special of the day meal in my cafe but I do not know how to start/ to prepare. The kitchen is very small (3x3) and it is filled with 1 plate grill and pizza oven.

The pasta I am going to make is spaghetti Bolognaise. And what else can i cook pasta with the same basic sauce?

With your experiences, can anyone please help me how to start this? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif

Thanks heaps
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bolognaise is my favorite, we make it at work and its tight, i like mine with bucatini. i like simple pastas. a good one my sous chef made us one time was just some butter or oil tomatoes and pesto and maybe a lil stock to make a sauce and then maybe add  grilled chicken or encrusted pan seared chicken and make the sauce and pasta in same pan, then place on top or slice it. tomato sauce with some vegis zucchini, peppers or carrots. maybe a seafood(baby shrimp) one with a nice pesto and vegis and tomatoes and seafood stock. cream sauce is always good to be with some grilled chicken and osme vegis like peppers or carrrots to give it some color.or sage and walnut cream sauce is pretty good aswell. cheese is important too add masccapone to cream sauces and definatly some parm if you can. pecorino is also nice. make good basil pesto, i think its pretty important when making pasta,add a tomato sauce or in your veloute type sauces, i like to put pesto in my cream sauces too.
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