How to prepare fish pie with scallops and saffron ?

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Without a more specific description it's hard to help you recreate the dish you were served on the cruise.  Quite possibly it's just ordinary fish pie in the English style -- with scallops as the shellfish plus a little saffron to make it special. 

But even restricting the field to "English," there's still a very broad range to work from.  For instance, English fish pies come in two broad categories -- fresh white fish and smoked fish (such as finnan haddie). 

Here's a typical recipe
(fresh, not smoked) which does include saffron and deals with scallops as an option.  Perhaps the pie you're looking for is something like it.  Perhaps not.

You can expand your horizons by googling "fish pie" and adapting whichever recipe you find to include scallops and a little safforn.  I know that I like a good, solid hit of sherry in fish pie.   

Saffron note:
  When using saffron, don't cheap out.  Use the best quality available -- and if you're using saffron threads, bloom them first in a little warm water in order to get the maximum and most even extraction. 

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