How to prepare certain items in a restaurant setting

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New menu launching one week from today.  Updated tremendously, and looking for some tips when it comes to producing certain foods in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.  I know alot of times thats tough to do, but looking for anybody with experience in the following areas.

Oven Roasted Rabbit

The concerns I have here is the option of par cooking it or not.  I understand it takes longer to cook a hindquarter of rabbit that it takes to cook a hindquarter of chicken.  Is this something I should sear and par cook, cool down, and finish cooking at time of order?  Or is there a possibility of cooking from raw in approximately 25 minutes?

Wild Rice

How in the hell do I get wild rice cooked without mushing out half of the grains?  Half of the wild rice mix takes twice as long to cook as the other half.  So what i end up with is a mushy crunchy glob.  The only thing i can think of is baking it. 

If anyone can help that would be great. 

Thank you
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Rather than use a wild rice blend, I would recommend you buy plain wild rice, cook it separately and mix it with other rice cooked separately. If you want to make your own blend you could use raw brown rice instead of white and it will cook at about the same rate as the wild rice. Wild rice will "pop" when cooked, but this doesn't hurt anything as it's not really rice anyway, it's a grass seed, so it's not starchy and won't turn gloppy. I always heve better luck making rice in the oven than I do on top of the stove. It seems to cook more evenly.  Put the rice in a pan with whatever seasonings you want and add liquid up to about 1"  above the rice. Cover and bake for 45 min. -1 hr., depending on how deep your pan is. It's better to make two 4" deep pans than one 6". If you happen to have a combi oven or steamer, even better.
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Hi Bw . For the rabbit I would burn a couple of orders in advance and see which method meets your time frame and expectations. Also it will be easier this way to put it in its place on the line for smooth sailing. I also like the wild rice advice given by Greyeaglem and I second the brown rice usage although I am equally fine with stove top or oven. Have fun with the new menu...........

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