How to plan your production to avoid waste and loosing money ?

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I am writing a report for school, and I have chosen to focuse on the optimalisation of the production and how to avoid unneccesairy waste. 

At the moment I am doing an internship at a hotel where they are doing a lot of banquets. I have only been working for a couple of days, and I am already suprised over how much food they are throwing away. And the worst part is, a lot of the food that they are throwing away haven't even been served. They just assume that it won't be any good the day after. So instead of giving it for staff meal or re-use it  they just throw it away! I mean imagine how much they cound save if they just spent a little more time calculating the portions?! And then how much better their production could have been if they had spent that money on product with higher quality. Aaaanyway  

Therefore my question to you guys out there how are/have been working with big events and at big hotels such as this one:

How do you best plan your production to avoid wasting food, time and money? And what to do with the inavoidbale leftovers ?

Thanks a lot for all the answear it is going to help me a lot! :p 

Good service!

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