How to make this pizza?

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My father has been going on buisness trips to Florida and every time he comes back he talks about this pizza place (Gio's) I believe. He's totally smitten by this pizza. On the menu its listed as "Pizza Margherita" but what makes it unusual is that there is little or no cheese seen on the pizza and the sauce is a bright orange color instead of red. He also describes it as having a shiny "glaze" on top. The rest of the toppings included the typical sliced romas, basil, and options for mushrooms, onion, and sausage.

Last night I tried to recreate it for him. I made my typical pizza sauce with tomatoes, spices, salt, and olive oil and added mozzarella right into the hot sauce after it had finished reducing and made a little slurry. This turned the sauce orange and I thought that the oil in the sauce would give it the sheen he was looking for. The pizza was good but not as good as Gio's. The color was close but the sheen left from the oil was not the same as the glaze he remembered. Does anybody else have any advice on what to try next?

Also, it appears that my tomato sauce was too acidic for the mozzarella. The cheese's protein structure seemed to break down forming tiny white specks of rubbery unmeltable cheese in the sauce. Is there something I can try to made this work better?


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They might be using pureed roasted red peppers as part of the sauce. That would cut the acidity too. And shift the color a bit more orange.
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Perhaps making the sauce with fresh tomatoes...seeds and all...after
cooking it takes on a bright orange color.....
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I asked my dad and he said the pizza place is actually called "GIO Fabulous Pizza and Martini Bar" and is located in Ellenton, FL.

The roasted red pepper is a good idea. I'll scope that out. Normally I'd add a squeeze of lemon into my sauce but I left it out fearing that the Mozzerella wouldn't melt right. The tomatoes alone were acidic enough I guess.
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