How to make pastry without touching it so much?

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    I make short pastry at college a lot but the problem is my hands go to warm, cold water doesn't work ether, i've even just tried using my finger tips and again my pastry keeps over working because my hands are too warm, i don't know what to do because my lecturer only wants us to use our hands just because it works for her, she has colder hands than other people and we all vary in body temperatures, me i run a little more hot especially when walking up and down the kitchen. I need some better ways of rubbing the margerine and lard into the flour without touching it as much, there is a robo cook but i doubt she will let us use it, probably come up with some other excuse as to why not just so we will do it her way, no offense to her i mean she's nice it's just like a lot of people these days she can't see past the fact what works for her doesn't work for all people, rather annoying really. So any other ways i can do it? and we don't have ice in the kitchens ether. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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    Hi Andra,

    You could try sticking the fat in the freezer before hand, then it can be quickly grated into the flour. This keeps the handling to a minimum.Remember to hold onto the fat with a thick layer of paper towel or it'll get warm n slippery. Or you could grate it onto a tray and put it in the freezer earlier and throw it into the flour when your ready

     Run your wrists under the cold tap till you can't  stand it in any longer to quickly finish the process. 

    Hope that helps