how to make my own 'industrial' corn pasta?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by zerorooter, May 5, 2014.

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    I've been unwell for quite awhile now and corn pasta has been a lifer saver because it's fairly easy to digest (for me.)

    Anyway, i'm curious as to how exactly they are made. For instance look at this product:

    The ingredients are simply corn flour and an emulsifier, but if you take a look online for any homemade corn pasta recipes you will surely find mostly complex recipes with many ingredients. An ingredient list of size two that creates pasta with such a good texture is hard to believe! I'd LOVE to know their full process ^_^.

    Does anyone have any experience in this field? I'd love to make my own and learn the process - but I don't want a complex homemade recipe with 10+ ingredients as those are sometimes harder to digest for me :(

    Thanks for your time!
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    Have you tried non-gmo wheat pasta? A good organic brand? I found I cannot eat GMO wheat but am fine with my home ground flour and organic wheat berries.