How To Make An Amazing Tuna Fish Sandwich?

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Believe it or not Great Value Walmart tuna is one of the best I have tried for the low priced offerings! Not mush in a can, it has a lot of whole chunks...
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The war in the former Yugoslavia brought many Bosnian refugees to my neighborhood and with them came new-to-me foods. One of my favorites was a roasted pepper and eggplant condiment called Ajvar. There are mild and hot varieties, imported in jars from Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia. It may not be easily found everywhere, but a healthy spoonful of the mild variety transformed my tuna salad recipe from tasty to delicious. It's good on eggs and in egg salad, too. It is possible to make it at home, as well.
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@flipflopgirl The home canned tuna is all gone, I didn't feel like going through the process this year, so I am reduced to using Costco albacore, which isn't bad.
That's ok Chef.

The memory is enuf to hold on to.

Those canning jars were a work of art.


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A quick and easy way to take mayo based tuna salad up a level, combine your mayo with some finely minced anchovy and blitz with stick blender, processor, or whatever. Nam pla will also elevate mayo. A slightly more heretical way is to add some nori komi furikake. One last approach is kewpie mayo, it is an umami flavor bomb.
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Wow who would of thought there was so much love for tuna fish sandwhich these are great ideas. I am going to try them and try and post some photos. THANK You
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Well i think most americans anyway, grew up eating tuna fish sandwiches.
Helped along by lot of advertising...just ask any mermaid ya happen to see.

Glad we all could inspire you further. :)
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After seeing this day after day I realized I wanted one of my lunch time tuna favorites. In most cases I always had alfalfa sprouts. In this case I had some pickles slices, spinach, lettuce, home grown tomatoes, cucumbers and sliced mushrooms. 

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That's one enormous sandwich!

How do you manage to take a bite out of that one without overstretching your jaws /img/vbsmilies/smilies/talker.gif (I am just jealous)
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Now that is a bit overdoing it my eyes Chef BB ,but whatever turns you on/img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif


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What about some crumbled nori or some furikake?  Oops, I see Cheflayne already said this. 
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For the tuna itself that would be Chicken of the Sea solid white, definitely tops of the American brands.  Rarely you can find in packed in olive oil, there are some Italian brands I've had this way that were exceptionally tasty.

For additions I usually go with just Mayo (I have substituted mashed butternut squash), celery, onion, pepper, lettuce and tomato of course.

Garlic VERY thinly sliced, sweet or hot paprika (smoked also), tarragon, thyme, smoked gouda and salt cured olives for some added kick, one of or severally  of these, if in the mood.
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I love tuna sandwiches. A little chopped celery for crunch, (or alternatively cucumber), Best Foods mayo, salt, pepper, and sometimes some thinly chopped Thai or Indian chiles. The bread would be whole wheat ... or toast made from white bread.
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OK, what about it?  :)~

Actually I have never considered it but does sound great.  Funny nor do I recall considering my old turkey sandwich standby of pesto mayo though doesn't sound at all bad.
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Fred Meyer, now under Kroeger, used to have my favorite tuna, yellowfin tuna canned with just salt and a little water. Now I can't get that Fred Meyer yellowfin any more. Having to choose other kinds, I use StarKist. It's pretty good. Insert a half-hearted smiley here. :^\
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