how to learn the flavor of individual ingredients

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I'm a 14 year old cook who wants to be a chef. I have one big question though. How can i learn the flavor of individual ingredients, like the bay leaf for example. I don't want to add to many other flavors to cover it up, but I don't want it to overpower a dish. But if I were to eat a bay leaf or other ingredients raw, it would probably be terrible. Do you know any techniques to get to learn individual flavors?

P.S My mom is going to sell cheese and wine in the fancy food show in NY this year, I get to go along and I will probably visit one of your restaurants, Babbo most likely.
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To learn the flavor of individual ingredients, cook simple foods. Cook one vegetable with simple flavors—asparagus with lemon and olive oil, and identify the olive oil flavor, salt and pepper, asparagus, and lemon. As you taste individual ingredients separately as part of a whole, you can learn to distinguish them in dishes.

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