how to keep getting better after a growth spurt, avoiding plateau

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    So a little bit of background info Ive been working at this place for like 5 months and i started off with a bad attitude and everybody was getting pissed at m and i couldnt figure out why i felt like i was doing everything right, but one day it clicked (about a month and a half ago) and i realized that i was shutting my mind off to learning and wasnt giving all of my best and was immediatly set on fire and now im at the point where i can run the whole line by myself and am gunning for a lead cook position. The difference is like night and day and i cant beleive it took me so long to realize what to do different but heres the question/statment "I want to keep getting better and start doing acting like a manager but in humble ways so how do i write effecient prep lists what can i do to keep improving what will mak the chef go OH $HIT thats guys really acting promotable. today the chef trusted me to run dinner service with just me and one other cook who is just learning that everyone is training.  HOW DO I NOT GET COMPLAsANT ???? dont wanna stop here i love this doing really good feeling how do i not?
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    Great job on figuring out how your attitude was holding you back. Your approach alone now will help you move forward. Now that you've found the right attitude, you just need to learn from your boss, set a great example, and keep working.

    The most important thing to take your forward is communication with your boss. Rather than asking us what will get your promoted, ask your boss. His/her values may be much different than ours. Tell them you would like the opportunity to set up a plan for your advancement so you can always know what you need to do to get the promotion you want.

    Once you know what your boss wants in order to promote you, its just a matter of doing it. At that point, a group like this could be invaluable to help you develop those skills or tools.