how to hold yorkshire puddings?

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hello, I work in an expat restaurant in Singapore. One of the things that we do is special menus for the large expat groups here in Singapore(brits, kiwis, aussies,americans, canadians). I'm originally from America. Coming up we have St. Georges day. one of the items on the special menu is yorkshire pudding. all of the ones that i have experimented with have fallen after a half hour. the menu starts on thursday and I am getting desperate for some answers. I need pudding that will last throughout service, about 4 hours. i'm not sure if it's my recipe, the cooking temp., the time whatever. any help would be great. thanks.
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You might try serving the Yorkshire Pudding as a popover rather than in the traditional pan - overcook them a bit so they are almost crisp and serve them with lots of gravy. Good luck.


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Papa Frites,

What is your recipe? I used to make Yorkshire Pudding all the time at a steak and seafood restaurant I worked at early in my career and we would make enough to last through the service and keep them. We made them fresh everyday but had no problems keeping them through the service.

I will look my old recipe.
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