How to glaze a ham


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I have a wonderful Pecan Glaze for ham, but apparently do not how to put the glaze on. It always slides off. What is the proper way to glaze a ham?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I cook(heat) my smoked ham a long time at about 250 .(at least 3 hours)Trim some outer fat off  Cris/cross slits in ham so it helps hold glaze .I baste with glaze about every 1/2 hour. Then  pour on remaining glaze last 15 minutes. Put a piece of parchment paper or foil under ham to make pan easy to clean. I would not use wax paper.
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Do you score the Ham ????????? Most smoked hams have some fat and skin outer layer and will not hold a glaze. If you score and baste you should have better results.............Remember when a glaze is cold and loose/runny with will get even looser/thinner/runnier as it heats on the ham........Now start a thread for Scalloped potatoes, I just told my Wife " I'm craving a Ham dinner" she said Yeah, with scalloped potatoes...................ChefBillyB
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You have to score the ham in a crisso cross pattern, it will hold the glaze.  The glaze will slide off no matter what though so don't worry about it.  Make sure you line the bottom of your pan with wax paper, it makes clean-up soooo much easier.  I cook my ham covered with foil for most of the cooking time and baste it every half hour or so.  For the last half hour I remove the foil to get it crisp and glaze again to get it sticky and glossy.

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