How to get rid of "beef taste" in meat?

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When I fix steaks, I usually use a seasoning salt or myself (lemon pepper seasoning for my Mom) and cook them in the broiler because we don't have a grill at the moment.  Chicken breasts and pork chops I will marinate in Italian seasoning and broil.
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Take a glove of garlic, brown it slightly in pan. Then cook you’re meat as normal. Honestly can’t eat beef anymore without using garlic anymore to kill that “strange meaty” flavour and aroma. Smells like a slaughter house and even when your meat is cooked through it still smells and tastes raw in the back of your mouth. Experiment, cook up some beef... one in garlic oil other just normal. Serve it up, and ask which tastes better. Good luck
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You could try to let it marinate in red wine with aromatics, it's a method I would use for meats with a strong gamey flavor. It helps.
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Lol! Teeheehee! Best way to get rid of beef taste in meat... Don't eat the stinkin' stuff! (Feed it to the kitties.)

Sorry to all you meat eaters, but this thread left it w i d e open for a veggie to jump in.
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Getting rid of beef taste?
Do not sear, cube 3/4" and rinse meat well, place in pressure cooker with the apropos amount of water.
Cook 30-50 minutes.
Drain, strain results and repeat 3 times.
Resulting sludge will no longer taste like meat.
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