How to Get a Pastry Cook Job with Limited Experience?

Should I wait or just go for it?

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Joined Apr 1, 2010
Ive just completed a professional Culinary program in Vancouver BC. Ive known since high school that all I want to do when I grow up is make Delicious deserts however I went to culinary school any way because I felt like cooking offers more career opportunities in my particular area. I'm hopefully going to be enrolled in a Pastry Program this summer, however I cant help but wonder if I'm qualified to at least have a menial job in a bakery. 

So my question is should I just wait till after school or is working in a professional bakery way too much for a lowly culinary grad?
Joined Jan 24, 2011
Hi, I've just enrolled for Baking & Pastry Arts Mgmt Program at George Brown College for sept 2011. I've lil bit experience in this field.Which program you will be going to be enrolled?
Joined Jan 15, 2001
You don't need a lot of experience to have a menial job in a bakery.. some of my best employees had no experience. This meant I didn't have to break their bad habits to get them to do things the way I wanted them done. Mostly a willingness to learn, and an acceptance that not everything is going to be done the way you were taught in school is what will help you. Good luck!
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