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Well as you all know now I want to go to culinary school,and I have been looking all around and calling different places,and I'm getting one question "Are you 18" I'm only 17 I'm a Junior in high school,and this summer i want to gain some experience in a restaurant before going to culinary school.  My question is do I NEED Experience in the the culinary feild before going to culinary school?  If I go to Culinary school once I get out can I get a Job as a line cook even though I had no real Experience working at a resturant besides culinary school,and also please tell me the pay scale of a regular Line cook,and the hours,and Hiring process.
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Not sure what State you may reside in, however, I believe your HS will issue "work permits", now that won't get you past the " 18 or over" as far as certain jobs, but it surely should help you land a dishwasher or helper job.

As far as experience, some culinary school are now requiring at least 6 months experience in a restaurant, NOT A FAST FOOD PLACE, before they will let you register.

Make a list of all the restaurants that you can comfortably get to, then show up EVERY day and ask if they need help with the dishes or mopping the floors or anything else. You'll be amazed at how many don't show up for work. Time your arrival between lunch and dinner or, if it suits your schedule, breakfast and lunch. DO NOT SHOW UP DURING THE RUSH TIME.

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