How to find Atlanta culinary students?

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I'm trying to spread the word of something among Atlanta culinary students, but am not sure where they hang out. I called LCB to see if they have a bulletin board, but they do not. I'm not sure hanging around the campus and talking to everyone I see is the way to go - might look a little creepy ;-).

Any suggestion?


I'm starting the Atlanta Underground market, which is a private club that anybody can join. The members have to sign a waiver, acknowledging that they know that the dishes might not have been prepared in a commercial kitchen. There will be 30-40 vendors with all kinds of dishes/food products/pastries etc., selling their food creations, ready to eat. It's a private event in a private venue, so that loosens some of the rules ;-). Basically, it's an incubator for people wanting to bring their foods out from the underground. Started in San Francisco a year ago and now that I moved back to Atlanta I'm starting it here.

I have quite a few vendors already, but thought that maybe having some future chefs and pastry chefs might add some interesting dishes/pastries.

Thanks for any ideas on where those students might hang out ;-)
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