How to find an apprenticeship

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I'm looking to switch careers from marketing to pastry and have decided that an apprenticeship would be best for my situation (as I already have enough debt from student loans). I don't need a formal program or anything (I also couldn't find one in Portland, OR), I am just looking to learn and get experience. How should I approach this? Is there a certain protocol, or expectations?

I've thought about just offering to come in on weekends and work for free. But I don't know if that would be helpful enough. Advice anyone?
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Find a business with a good name and reputation and volunteer to help them out on nights and weekends. You had the answer all along.
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There are a few, I dont know them personally, just by reputation.

very famous spot is VooDoo doughnuts, some of their work is...odd, but a good starting point if you're just starting out
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