How to deal with Sysco?

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I've worked with several different food service purveyors over the years, and I've experienced the entire spectrum of reps and salesmen and account managers. I have more respect and appreciation for the reps that come from restaurant and professional kitchen experience, because I believe that they have more respect and appreciation for my job than anyone else can comprehend. I don't appreciate the salesmen who just drop in cold call style because they have a visiting meat rep or whatever, expecting that I should stop what I'm doing right now and give them audience. As a working chef I have my day planned out to the minute and second, and therefore do not respond well to the drop in approach.
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They may or may not be necessary but they are evil.:mad: I'm stuck with them in my present job. Overall they're okay and I have a pretty solid rep. But I do get the 'drop in' occasionally.
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I effectively put Sysco on time out, meaning that I just stopped ordering from them after repeatedly being disappointed by their service. I have not ordered anything from Sysco in over a month now, and I can get everything I need with better service, quality of product, price point, and reliability from other purveyors except for the proprietary Apex dishwasher detergent. Sysco helped and fronted some considerable wares when we were opening this new restaurant, and there was an agreement to source a very large percentage of our product from Sysco in return. However because I learned very quickly that I could not rely on Sysco, I chose to order and source products from purveyors that were more reliable. I am all about giving everyone a fair opportunity to promote their business, and it's one of the reasons that I support local farmers and Craftsmen.
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Doesn’t really matter if the rep comes from a kitchen background or not, most only “respect” the mega accounts.

If they pop in any time they want, you HAVE TO sit them down and tell them you can only tolerate sales visits on x day at x time. If/when they ignore that, you HAVE TO go over their heads to their sales manager or regional sales manager and explain all over again and tell ‘em it’s just not worth using a supplier who can’t respect customers businesses.

When they paint the world that they are bending over backwards for you and helping your business to grow and all that “boule cheet” you just smile and nod and tell them you are paying their commission and salary, so why not you call the shots?

Me? When the last Sycko rep told me my business would suffer if I didnt use his services, I called up the regional mngr and told him that I perceived that eejit rep’s statement ( my business would suffer if I didn’t..) as a threat and would be lodging a complaint with the police AND a restraining order, so tell your eejit to stay away.
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Your the customer you make the rules. When I switched purveyors I told them what my needs are. Like the OP I was a working Chef. I would not allow any cold calls or visiting whoever's. I also told them what time I wanted my delivery. When online ordering started it took most of the problems I had and made things easier for me to do things on my own time. I also told my Rep there are no outs. If you're out of something then you find it. I remember having Friday deliveries that the company was out of something or screwed up the order of an item I needed for that night. The Rep had to drive 150 miles each way to get the item I needed. " You set the rules " Case closed...ChefBillyB

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