How to deal with paper work when you have to cook too?

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We've got a problem with the budget so we don't have enough employees to do the job without mine and the chef's help.
Now what happens is me and chef cook and do like 60% of kitchen job by ourselves because we dont have enough cooks.
How do i deal with the stress to make sure i leave nothing to the chef? I want to prove him that i am ready to be a chef already, but with all that stress there is just not enough time to do all the orders and all the office work.

So far we just do everything together

the problem is when i start feeling that time is running out i just lose myself for like 5-10 minutes, and only after that i do the job properly.
These 5-10 minutes are ruining everything for me ;(
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You don't have enough help because your budget does not allow, or you just can't find help?
If it's the budget, then I would bail. Your being taken advantage of.
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Well these days we have less work then at the summer, we have 7 cooks + me + chef ( 9 people total ).
Now since we don't have much work we cannot hire now new cooks for full time job since there are some days we barely have any work, splitting available work hours will be a pain in the butt later on.
We're looking for part time cooks but whoever we found so far were lazy or even worse then that so we had to fire them during first 3 days.

But yeah as you said i might being taken advantage of too, this seems like a possibility also...
Its okay, as harder i work as better chef i'll be later on i guess...
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Quantify "barely any work".
100 covers? 5?
Sounds like seasonal work and IME not unusual at all to have the sous cover the kitchen with maybe one line cook and a dish guy during the slack time.
Just one of those quirks about this industry... some places shut down in the off season and everyone is out of a job....I would start handing out pink slips to a few of those cooks.

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This happens in most places that have seasonal businesses. In most cases the business keeps enough employees to equals the amount of sales that's generated. No one said this was going to be easy, I've done it for years. You need to get your head screwed on straight and know what your priorities are and what can wait. This doesn't go on forever, you will get better at doing this. I have worked in positions that I would literally work 12 hours straight and thought I would never get better at what I was doing. I focused everyday on how to do everything faster. After a few weeks, I wasn't working as hard, getting more done in less time. You just need to have a plan of attack. You you fail to plan you plan to fail.......Good luck......ChefBillyB
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7 cooks plus a sous and a chef and you and the chef are doing 60% of the work but there is barely any work to be done, something smells funky. like someone is restricting work hours to take advantage of salary employees
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Sounds like they are trying to over work you. I would slowly start to find a new position. The more you do, the more they expect.
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the problem is when i start feeling that time is running out i just lose myself for like 5-10 minutes, and only after that i do the job properly.
These 5-10 minutes are ruining everything for me ;(

Maybe try planning in a short break for yourself before you hit mental/physical overload? It sounds counterintuitive but sometimes the more work you have to do the more you need to take a step back and get your head on straight.
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Not enough information here....If its off season maybe the menu can be smaller? Less prep for the smaller team? I find that there is never enough time for paperwork as I always thought that i should not be doing it and still resent it years latter. At the moment I work for myself and always do my paperwork/accounting on Tuesday hell or high water, I enter my spend in daily which makes it easier and you know i am used to it and don't resent it any more. I recon just find a slot for the paperwork and stick with it until it becomes routine
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It not very easy to handle this but you can manage it well once you know how to manage the time in between cook and business work
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