How to cook Mahi-mahi???


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A weekend guest left me some frozen mahi-mahi fillets in individual portion sizes.  I've never tried this fish before.  What is the best way to cook it?  Pan-fried, baked, roasted?  (Can't grill here now.)   Does it have to be marinaded or cooked in liquid to prevent drying out?  (Hate dry fish.)  I cook salmon a lot...can I use salmon recipes for mahi-mahi?

Thanks for your insights.
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My favorite way to cook dorado (mahi mahi) is to pan sear it over really high heat. You may need to dust it very lightly with flour to create a crust. I usually just put a thin layer of safflower oil in a pan, salt and pepper the fish, and when the oil smokes, cook the fish for maybe a minute on each side. I like my fish closer to undercooked than overcooked, but you may want to cook a little longer and/or use a lower heat. Fresh squeeze of lemon and it's a wrap.
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definetly just lightly seared on each side. The more this fish gets cooked the more it dries out.
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