How to Cook Albanian Stew

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Hello everyone,
This recipe is great for people who enjoy tasty lamb meat. It's called Arnavut Yahnisi in Turkish.....:)

1 Lamb Liver
500 gr Lamb Meat
100 gr Phyllo (a very thin sheet of dough)
1 Palm Full of of Chickpeas
1 Green Pepper
1-2 Chili Pepper (red ones)
1 Leek
Black pepper
Red dried pepper
1 Lamb Brain
2 Tablespoon butter
1 Onion


Put the tablespoon of butter into a Cooking Pot with fine chopped onions and cubic cut lamb meat and stir. Later on add some water (a cup). After all the water vaporized add some chick peas that you rest in the water a night before. While all these are getting cooked add chopped lamb liver, chilli peppers, phyllo and green pepper and lower the heat. Now it’s time to prepare the leek, chop it in round pieces and add to the Pot with some salt, black pepper, red dried pepper and lamb brain which is chopped in couple pieces. Let it cook about 5 to 10 min. And serve it when it’s warm!!! Enjoy!! J

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