how to be a leader

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I'm the saute'(primarily fish) cook at an upscale American bistro. My chef has grown fond of my technique, and the way my hard work has earned me the respect of all of the other cooks.

After service yesterday, we had a sit-down in the office. At said point he told me that my team needs a leader on the line. He wants me to step up and fill the void. I have developed the ability to work pantry, apps, grill, and saute well(according to chef).

I've never been a leader before. How do I develop the demeanor of a good leader? What's the difference between a good and bad leader? Our grill cook is well experienced.

Pantry guy is clean, organized, and driven, but lacking in technique and speed. The fry app guy is basicly the same. Our kitchen is pretty positive, upbeat, and everyone is pretty much happy to be at work. How can I maintain a leadership presence, while not coming off the wrong way?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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The question, how to be a leader, without getting a promotion, is really, "How do I get people to do things when I'm not actually in charge of them?"
The answer unfortunately is different for everyone. But the basis is always respect.
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