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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that as a ChefTalk community member you can now add articles to our Article (Wiki) database. We have a great tutorial on how (and why) to create an article (wiki) here:

Here a few key points from the tutorial I wanted to emphasize.

[h3]Why Create A Wiki?[/h3]Wiki articles can be thought of as collaborative works which pull together the wisdom of the community. Each Wiki article is fully editable by any registered member. They are best used for:
  • "How to" guides
  • Introductory articles
  • Lists or "Top 10" guides
When considering whether to write a Wiki article or a forum post, think about whether your post is a list, a guide, or a factual introduction. If it is, you will most likely want to write a Wiki article. If your content is a question, an opinion, or a piece of news, you will most likely want to write a forum post.

[h3]What Makes A Good Wiki?[/h3] Your Wiki title should be:
  • Concise but descriptive
  • An accurate reflection of the content in the article; for example, a Wiki titled "How To Set Buy A Chef's Knife" should give the reader tips on how to shop for chef's knives, rather than a first person account of your experience buying a Shun Classic 8 inch Chef's Knife. First person accounts are best suited for the forums. Also feel free to add tips and information about specific cutlery, cookware, or cookbooks to the Product Wiki at the bottom of each product page.
Good Wiki content:
  • Is "How to" articles, introductory articles, buying guides, and other factually based or "common knowledge" subjects rather than subjective articles, like first-person accounts
  • Is written in a neutral/third-person point of view
  • Uses headers to separate sections of the article
  • Uses bullet points and lists to make reading and contributions easier for other ChefTalk members
  • Includes relevant images
Your Wiki should NOT:
  • Read like a forum thread. That’s what the forums are for! If you would like to start a Wiki to get some of your questions answered, feel free to start a Wiki and subdivide the article with headers to let people know how the article should be structured. Of course, you're also welcome to suggest a Wiki idea in the forums.
One or our members Phatch has already posted a great wiki on "Wok Basics":

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