how to achieve this cheescake texture

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I am making a No-Bake cheesecake, and I have a major problem to achieve the correct texture like the pastry shops do it..

as a picture is worth a thousand words, I am attaching the texture of the pastry shop cake and mine, the shop cake texture is almost like the baked one, creamy and have a firm structure, mine is more jelly like, not rubbery because I am not adding much gelatin but the texture is not the same and affects the taste too..
i read somewhere that some chefs adds corn starch and others add powdered milk to get this structure, I am clueless here and hoping for some advice..

The pastry shop cake


My cheesecake

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  Good morning. Welcome to our baking forum. Sorry to learn of your baking disappointment.

Romeo, I believe it would help if you post the recipe & your manner of mixing & how you put this recipe together.

Till then enjoy the rest of the day.


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