How the line and the kitchen call us back.

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    I don't often post in this neck of the woods on ChefTalk. Although I have been out of the game for many years now I still have many fond memories of being in the professional kitchen and working with some amazing chefs. Lately I have had some opportunities to get back in the game on a very small scale and it has been energizing. Couple weekends a month I cook at a small (tiny) kitchen and have also had a few ice carving gigs. After so many years of being out of the kitchen I am amazed at how your skill set degrades. You simply don't have that same mind set you did working the line day in and day out. No real question for all the chefs here but I guess I would be interested in hearing from those who have retired or left the business how you keep your skills up? 

    Few action shots of my latest ice carving gig something I used to do quite a bit back when I was in the kitchen.