How the French have influenced the terms used in Menus

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thanks for all the help you have given me in other questions i have posted on this site but i have another one can you help?

i am trying to find out how the French have influenced the terms used in menus for an essay i am writing. i am also trying to find out :
- the different types of menus,
- factors that influence menu planning,
- the effect of the menu form, layout and design
- the relationship between the type of menu and the style od service

any infomation about this would be helpful:confused:
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Jess, click on the "search" tab at the top of the screen. I typed in "menu terms" and got 14 threads that could answer your question.

Happy hunting!
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I would suggest that there is very little French influence on modern menus in America. Whereas American menus tend to be verbose, sometimes describing the dish completely including the chive sprig on top, French menus tend to be economic with their descriptions. First of all, the French seem to have accepted more standardized terms for food preparation, i.e., the patron is expected to know what a blanquette de veau is. Secondly, if you have a question, the waiter will be happy to discuss the menu item in detail. Sometimes even the chef will come to your table to discuss the preparation.
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