How soon is too soon?

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Long time listener first time caller...I'm looking for a little advice on this one.

I am currently in my first semester at culinary school, but have worked in the biz off and on for 12 years. Everything from dish dog to KM. The last place I worked at I was the Sous, but it was a small white tablecloth steak house, not a lot of variety.  I chose C. school not only to gain more technical expertise, but also the business side of things (P&L, cash flow, etc).  

My problem is this I couldn't find any jobs up here (we moved from a small town  to Kansas City) in the kind of restaurant  I wanted to work in so I took a job at an upscale bbq place, had to pay the rent!  Very good food, great reputation, EXTREMELY high volume. The KM told me when I started that it would not be what I was used to, no saute line, not a lot of grill items, and he wanted to make sure I would be OK with that. I'm learning some about timing and Spanish, but my main job is either salads and desert (torch the creme brulee, or nuke the bread pudding) or bakers and sides, harder than it sounds volume wise, but I traded a 6 burner range for a bank of 4 microwaves!  They are going to move me to the wood fired grill in a couple of weeks, which I have no experience in (grilled thousands of steaks, just never over wood) which will be nice.

My question for you folks is how soon is too soon to jump ship and find something that gets me off culinarily. I plan on working through the busy holiday season, so by January I will have been there about 6 months.  Also I will not give my 2 weeks until I have secured other employment and the first of the year is a bad time to find kitchen work, so who knows how long that will take.

They're a good company to work for and I know they have invested money in my training so I want to give them some return on their investment, but I just don't see myself learning much here for very long.

OK, I know that was long winded, any ideas would be appreciated.



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Does not sound like a promising place, the microwave line would not be my first choice. Since you are at a new job at a new town, I woul at least try to give adeqate notice when you move on and get a good reference. It will help out, you never know who they know.

On the other hand now is the time to look and bail out Everyone will be busy, now is better then the slow down after January.
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