How should I prepare this leg of lamb?

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Usually when I cook lamb I get pre-sliced shoulders, legs and chops.

I got a decent size leg this time.

Usually when I cook the pre-sliced portions I either grill or do a "heavy oil pan-fry sear and finish in the oven" method.

For the leg of lamb I'm thinking about experimenting with doing a pre-cook in the rotisserie (in a toaster oven not a open fire) and then finishing off the in grill OR maybe searing on the grill first then finishing as rotisserie (or maybe even oven?).

Any thoughts?

Are there any pros/cons in the methods or the order of the methods?
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So I posted this as I was bringing the leg of lamb to room temperature.

I decided to stick w original plan - start in toaster oven rotisserie and finish up on grill.

Came out great (very soft and tender inside).

Had a range from well done on the most outside (on one side) other side was medium well on the outside. Then mostly medium and medium rare and then very rare in the center.

Not as even as I would think coming from a rotisserie - but could be the way I skewered it.

I had it on 300F for about 40min then did each side (and walls) on the grill for about 3-5min each.

Next time I think I'll try 200F and finish on grill even longer for more crispy outside and even softer juicer inside.

Nevertheless - it already tasted amazing without even moving it the grill to "finish up".

The ladies said it was already "perfect" - but I finished up on the grill anyways /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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[product="18171"]How To Roast A Lamb New Greek Classic Cooking  [/product]
This cookbook could be helpful for the next time you prepare one - Greek style.
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You must have a very large toaster oven. I could get hocks in mine but not legs.

That would be correct. I don't use a microwave for anything (maybe tea) and I always reheat my leftovers in there so I need a bigger toaster oven than usual.
It's not uncommon for toaster ovens to have a rotisserie (my old one that stopped working also had one).

Here's what I have now: Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie
I got from Walmart on sale for $70

Amazon has some in other colors (I like the knobs on that first silver one better than mine).,kitchen,170

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