How much mashed potatoes for 10 servings

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How much mashed potatoes should be made for 10 servings? Would a 5 lb. bag be enough or too much?
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I always plan about 1/2 lb per person with meat and other veg. Rarely have much leftover.
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Depends on the size of the potato. If you're using Russets, and I hope you are, if they are large Russets, plan on 1.5 potatoes per person or 1 per person if they are really large. If they are smaller Russets, plan on 2 per person.
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A 10 lb bag of med sized Russets contains about 25 to 30
potatoes. Following sgsvirgil's 1.5 potatoe per person guideline
above, a 10 lb bag would feed 20 people. Which comes out to...
1/2 lb a person, again as suggested above.
And that sounds about right, after you boil, salt and milkerize them.
So 5 lbs would do the job, with a little selective portion control.
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I just go by weight. 8 oz per person, so 10 servings per 5 lb bag. I would go crazy counting potatoes so when you have a 50 lb bag your scale is your friend.

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