How much ginger root is a "box of ginger?"

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Dear forum,

My wife and I have several bags of pears that we wish to can. One recipe we are drawn to, written in the late 1940's, calls for a "box of ginger." How much ginger root would that be equivalent to? 

Many thanks for any advise you can offer.

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I imagine the ginger would be added for flavor. So whatever a box amount was back then, you could just add as much or as little as you want. 

Fresh, sliced ginger would be great. Or shredded or finely diced. Or dried if that's all you have. 


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It's really hard to say as I don't know exactly what they are referring to although my guess would be ground ginger, but then the next question would be how big a box.  What I would do, personally, is peel fresh ginger, slice it thinly and toss a couple of slices into each jar along with the peaches-3-5 slices for a very subtle flavor, more for a more pronounced, ginger flavor.  Maybe do a few jars in varying increments (mark them well) so that next year you know which amount is your favorite.
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Thank you for your help. We are wondering what type of ginger came in a "box" in the '40's. It occurs to us that crystallized ginger was sold in boxes, presumably in the 40's (before I was born.) Other recipes we read from that era specify crystallized ginger. So, we are wondering how much crystallized ginger is in a "box." I think we will try crystallized ginger and guess at the quantity- erring on the side of caution at first until we find a quantity that works for us.

Again, many thanks for your reply! Shelley
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Many thanks Pete. We are pickling pears (the old school hard as a rock variety). We will experiment as you suggest and write our own recipe when we find the right mix. We are thinking the "box" may be a box of crystallized ginger- which is a bit different than fresh. Fresh might be better though. We will experiment. Again, thanks for the reply!  Shelley
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