How much butter in your T-day dishes?


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I've put a half pound in so far with the breads and dressing. Usually another half pound gets used up with the mashed potatatoe, vegies, basting the turkey and so on.

So 1 pound for my family. Well, more, because I'm not counting the pie crust that my wife takes care of. It might be closer to two pounds now that I think about it.

I'm kind of afraid of how much Ed will mention after the last run down he gave for the Thanksgiving Day cooking he does at his job.


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I'm already on the second round with the dishwasher. Granted some of that was for actually eating.


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Probably 2-3 pounds. That doesn't include the amount I wasted in my first batch of rolls today. I couldn't figure out why the dough wasn't rising until I realized I'd forgotten the yeast. :blush::p:blush: I didn't have time to mess around with it today so I threw it out, but is there a use for roll dough with no yeast? Flatbreads of some sort? It was all nicely kneaded but very heavy.
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The bottom of a meat pie.

As for the butter, 6 pounds, and I haven't even started sauteing the vegetables for the sides. Lots of pies. Lots and lots of pies.
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I used olive oil instead of butter this year.

The spray olive oil is awesome for working with filo dough, I'm doing a cranberry and chestnut baklava.
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Just rubbed the turkey with a half pound and stuffed bacon under the breast skin. Probably use another pound by the end of the day.
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most of the butter went into the mashed potatoes, gravy roux, pumpkin and pecan pies. green beans and brussle sprout dishes were made with olive oil. turkey had inserts of chopped ham of ham and was basted with an olive oil, wine, tomato paste and annato mix. if we used butter would the skin would be crispier?
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