How many times can you roast potatoes in the same fat?

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Safely. At the moment I use lard and add the fat from the stock from cooking the meat one week, use the same fat next week adding lard and the fat from the meat from the next week and do the same on the thrid week and discard. Could you use the same fat for longer?
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I wouldn't - but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be safe (I'm not sure) - my gut feeling is a week is as long as I would want to keep the fats, having cooked them once or twice.
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Do you refrig fat after each use ?? If so then ok. Look out however at color as it maybe to dark for 3rd usage and also be bitter. So taste it first After 3rd time watch out, you can only squeeze water from spinach till there is no more to squeeze, if you get the drift?
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The smoke point of lard is 370°F Fat from an oven at a more mild heat will last a long time.  Obviously some cheese cloth to strain out any impurities each time is going to be a great investment for you.
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