How many of you have a degrees

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I would like to know what degrees do most of you Professional Chefs have.  I am a cook at a hotel,but i'm only 17,and Graduating high school i June and I'm trying to figure out what degree I should get.  Should I get a Associates or a Bachelors?  Should I take Culinary or Culinary Management.  I know some people work there way up,but I would like some advice.
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I have been cooking for 7-8 years (longer depending on how you look at it ) and am finally going to get my AA/AS in Hotel and restaurant management and shoot for at least a CC in the ACF. These with my experience should give a nice leg up into the realm of Chef/Sous Chef. While BA's are nice I personally don't feel that they are neccessary in this field.
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I have a B.S. in Ag Eng (1972) from Cal Poly SLO, but my undergraduate culinary degree is from MHC and my graduate degree is from SHK.
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I got my AOS in 1989 which essentially means a degree in job. I could go out and get a job :)

My experience and ability then made me money (such as it was...)
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A.S = All $hit

B.S = Bull $h1t

M.S = More $h!t

PhD = Piled Higher and Deeper

I have an A.S in Culinary Arts, as B.S in Nutrition and I will finish my Master's in Nutrition this spring
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I got an Associates in culinary arts from a technical college, then went on to get a Bachelors in hotel and restaurant management, but wait....there's more.....only a few credits more got me a Master's in vocational education to teach when I'm old and arthritic.

To me....the bachelors degree was more in common sense then manglement.
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So should I got to a community College? I want to Major in Culinary arts and Minor in Hotel/Restaurant Management.
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Rock, Get a strong back ground in Management and Culinary arts, most Chefs are stronger in the hands on part of the kitchen and weak in the Management part. As you work you way up you will cook less and need more people skills. .................. ChefBillyB
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I wonder if NRAEF's ManageFirst certificates are enough a set of management credentials for restaurant FOH operation.

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