how many do you have for easter brunch???

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were doing about 600 this year .....down about 100 from last year. Production starts today so it's going to be a busy weekend, but I seem to do my best when we got big #'s
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both of my job and internship is closed. but a friend of mine at his intership they are expecting 500+
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We are only expecting a couple hundred, down about 300.
We are doing a buffet in our events hall as our main restaurant is going through a complete remodel, finally doing away with all aspects of the buffet theme and building a steakhouse and sushi bar.
I'm so excited.
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The hotel I work at just opened and this is my first hotel gig when I heard we did 111 covers, I thought that was crazy. I guess not, but they pulled off the buffet and the restaurant with three people in the kitchen I suppose that's impressive! Then dinner was busy, so much for catching up on M.E.P.
Until I started working in hospitality I thought people stayed home on holidays

Don't even get me started on the Christmas buffet that was eaten almost entirely by one (very large) family...
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We ended up with 395 and while we were hoping for higher numbers, in the end it was good for us that we were so slow (on an average Sunday we do 500-600) as we had a couple of call ins so the kitchen was sketchily staffed.  Seeing as we're only open for eight hours on Sundays, (7am-3pm) we do have the volume of orders for sure. 

Today we did 300.. double the usual for a Monday but schools are closed and so is anything government, so we had more business than usual. 

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