How many burner?

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Fellow Chefs,
I have already read everything I could find in these forums related to this question, but still need more info. My experience has been ownership of sandwich shop with catering and bakery 15 years. 30 years in a high volume food booth with limited menu. In the last 6 years I have studied for 6 months in Italy at a cooking school and opened a catering firm that is doing well. I want to transfer my skills to a full service restaurant.

• 60 seat restaurant
• 1.5 turns per evening – expecting (2 turns at lunch)
• Authentic Italian menu – not a red sauce house, no Chicken Parmesan type food
• Housemade egg pasta, imported cut pasta
• Every pasta finished in the pan (entrée and side pastas)
Beef, chicken, fish and seafood 85% start or finish in the pan.
• Pork, 20% in the pan.
• Vegetables roasted in woodfired oven
• Likely only oven pasta will be Lasagna Bolognese

My restaurant supply guy says a 6 burner is all anybody uses. (I live in a community service area of about 30,000 in Alaska, so that might be true) My gut says I need more, maybe a 10 burner.

I flat out DON’T have the experience in the dinner house environment to know just how fast you can process all these dishes on a 6 burner. I would, at the least add a stock pot range for pasta leaving the burner space for prep and finish.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. The size of the hood depends on the choice, so this involves a lot of bucks – I don’t want to make a mistake.
Many thanks,
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My restaurant had a lot of parameter similarities to yours. I had a 10 burner, couldn't imagine doing it on a 6 burner, although I certainly have when working for other people, but when the choice was finally mine to make...10 burner all the way. 2 ovens as opposed to 1 is also very helpful. I used one for warm (like plates) and one for hot (to finish).
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Thank you for your kind reply. I am happy to hear you understand the parameters and the challenges.  I welcome your feedback.
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