How many bottles of Andre in your cooler?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by lostcook, Dec 31, 2004.

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    I am temporarily employed at a small restaurant. After this weekend I will be "on call". Yesterday they got champagne. 20 bottles of Andre Very Dry and 30 bottles of Andre Brut.
    They also took in several assorted cases of 3l bottles of Gallo Livingston Cellar wine. The food is better than the wine would lead you to believe. I have no idea why the get cheap wine. They estimate we will serve 240-260 people tonight. The 6:30 seating is sold out, the 10:30 seating (midnight toast) is sold out. The 8pm is nearly sold out. The 5pm seating is just a little less. They want me back to work at 3pm.
    Early January 2004 I lost a long term job when my employer closed. Instead of paying me my last week's pay, we agreed on my getting a nearly new Cadco OV-350 countertop convection oven that cost them $750 a year prior. That oven sat in my basement until this week. My temporary employer is borrowing it for this week. I gave notice on the 20th of this month to a bunch of losers running a half assed kitchen in their bar. They fired me on the spot. The people who hired me last winter closed down their larger location (where I worked) last October leaving me high and dry again. I took this temp job because I need money. I was told by a chain restaurant opening late January they'd make an offer the first week in January. The boss at this temp job says he will give me $400 for my little oven. I'm hoping everything works out to make 2005 a heck of a lot better for me and the rest of you too! I'd just like to forget 2004...
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    feel for ya-i've been unemployed off and on over the last year or 2. Here's to a better 2005 :).