How long can you leave cooked beef out before reheating it?

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Say I cook some beef stew on Mon eve. I put what's left over in a tightly sealed container in the fridge.

I want to heat that portion and eat it for din on Tues. How long can I leave it out on the counter before heating it?

Thanks in advance.
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... and it seton the temp of your refrigerator, of course.
... and the amount of food. (More equals a greater thermal mass to dissipate.)

I often leave refrigerated meat on the counter 2 to 3 hours before cooking. I check periodically, though, and if it’s losing it’s cool but I’m not ready to cook I will put it back in the refrigerator for a short time.
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Unless it's summer and your kitchen gets unusually hot I wouldn't worry about it. You can easily leave it out for several hours, especially if it's coming out of the fridge. Why the question I wonder?
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That was my thought too. If you are cooking it completely a night ahead, why do you need to pull it out and keep it at room temperature on your counter before reheating and eating the next night? Am I missing something here? I would just reheat it from the fridge.

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