how durable are japanese stones

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I was using my new bester japanese stone 1200 on a homemade plank that ended up being to small for the container I was using it over - and I dropped the stone a few times onto the hard counter I was sharpening on. I am wondering how durable these things are? It didnt crack or break but, is it common that they do?
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A good reason to own a diamond flattening plate is to relieve all 12 edges on your stones.  Square edges are fragile and can transmit shock.
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Any Japanese Water stone will wear, as part of the stone becomes a slurry. I

 use a Triple with 2 Arkansas stones.  They last, but the Waterstones are a quicker (but expensive) sharpen. An Arkansas will tend to last FAR longer.

HARD stones will tend to be a bit brittle.   Keep that in mind.
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