How does ur kitchen clean floor at end of night?

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I work as dishwasher.. when the store close and I wash the floor but employee still walk on wet floor as I am not finish with that.. I am not pleased.. what will I do?
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Clean. Sweep. Sweep again. Wet mop change water dry mop. Deck scrub and squegee every third day. Mats once a week pressure wash. Never did me wrong.
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just changed careers and started line cooking at my first job.  The way the guys clean the floor at the end of the night is they fill up 5 gallon buckets with water and repeatedly dump them so the crap and garbage goes towards the few drains in the kitchen and then they use a broom and squeegee.  It looks horribly inefficient because they have to clean the same spot over and over again...and still doesn't do a great job because the floor is tiled squares and has grooves where the crap gets stuck.

It would make a lot more sense to me if they had a wet mop and bucket like the kind custodians use...I was just wondering how other restaurants do clean up?
That seems silly. Sweep first. Then dump soapy water on the floor and deck brush the floors. Then Squeegee. Then dry mop. I also staged at a place that swept and mopped so many times on a regular basis through out the day that the deck brushing step was never needed. If your team is clean enough you can just sweep and dry mop. 

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